As this business sprung into life in the 1990's on an organic sheep farm in Sussex, it did so accompanied with a strong belief in recycling and with environmental awareness at its heart from the very beginning.

Thus, used sleepers mainly from the railways most usefully complete the carbon cycle as beautiful and useful landscape gardening products, rotting quietly in gardens and not burned as firewood in power stations.

New wooden sleepers are produced from trees that are grown as a crop, such as New Oak Sleepers. These are usually logged in a 120 year rotation. A number of oak species are used and the idea is to use the logs/parts of a log that are of the least quality to produce these rustic gardening sleepers, much of which would otherwise end up as firewood. The original idea was not to use high grade beam or even joinery grade oak to produce this beautiful sleeper- the cracks, knots and other imperfections add considerably to the charm of this wonderful product as it gradually dries, weathers & seasons in gardens, again completing the carbon cycle in an environmentally friendly manner. is Certifed both with FSC®-C134890 (Look for our FSC® Certified products) and PEFC and also complies with the TDUK's Responsible Purchasing Policy. We whole heartedly support the work all three organisations contribute towards sustainable & responsible timber procurement from the forest to the end user.

We also visit our suppliers and customers regularly, as well as stomp around forests & plantations when the need and opportunity arises.

Member of the FSC
Timber Trade Federation - Responsible Purchaser
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